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Time management, the order of job priority is important.

  • The order of the job priority is one of the important things we need to know.
  • Different people will use different methods.
  • Different types of job need to use different method of time management.

People will use their methods to finish their jobs on time. 

Who can tell you which method is the best? 

Maybe yourself, Maybe your boss or your superiors.

We need to learn from our jobs to manage our time.


Work in an office, we need to finish the daily work first, and then…… 

Work in the product Sales Store, we need to serve our customers first, and then……


Whatever you do.  We need to learn the elements of time management.

Consider the following situation:

When working in a food store, only one person is responsible for finishing the following tasks before the store opens.


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the tasks include:

  • checking whether the amount of reserve money in the cash register is correct.
  • checking for expired products and ensuring that there is no damaged food on the counters.
  • before placing food, clean the counters.
  • check whether the cash register is operating normally.
  • check whether the electronic consumer system is operating normally.
  • replenish the products that have been sold etc.


These tasks must be completed within 30 minutes before the store opens.

Although the work is simple, the results will be different if the order is different.

Please think carefully about what you would do if you were an employee of this store.

Date:18 March 2021

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