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She sticks not to change  

發表日期:2020 Jan 19

It is difficult for someone to change their habits.  Even though…

One day she told me that she need physiotherapy.  What??? I was so surprised.  “What’s wrong?” I asked.  The doctor told her that she was suffer osteodystrophy.   She is still young.  She is under 50.  She cannot handle her job.  She needs to quit her job at once.   She consulted the physical therapist.  She has used much money on the treatments.

Our common friends know that she would rather sitting at home to watching tv than going outside.  She would rather be talking with the friends on the phone call for several hours than walking around the park.

She dislikes physically activities.  The physical therapist suggested her to do more physical training to improve her body condition.  She has found some excuses in order to avoid the physical training.  She sticks not to change.  Ohhhhhh!!!  Good luck for her…

Learn to change when you encounter difficulties

The street in Sydney

Even if the weather is bad, you can find its beautiful moments by walking outside…

Camping in Tsing Yi Park 青衣公園露營 鄰近青衣城

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