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Who is smart? Who is stupid?

No matter what class you are in, in order to be able to work in the same workplace for longer, we have to be careful that smart people become stupid, stupid people get smart, and no matter what happens, I just want to work with people who make me comfortable.

In the workplace, if you do a good job, colleagues will be wary of you. The shot hits the bird that pokes its head out.

If you cannot finish your work as well, you may be eliminated by others.  Some people do not want to be eliminated to put on a smart look.  These people will sometimes use the power of others to survive, to butter up their superiors by buying something, this culture can be found everywhere.

Observe carefully so as not to misjudge the situation.

Sometimes, colleagues will be wary of you and they will be ostracized of you at any time.

That does not mean you are smart; it is just that these people are worse than you.

Do not judge your ability to do things by these people.

Art is long, Keep going to do as well as you can.

Date 31 Aug 2020 employee x team

Be positive in the life, enjoy the beautiful moment.

 Even though it is good or bad.  Everything will pass.

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1. Hard work does not necessarily mean success.  If you do not work hard, you will eventually fail.  At least do your best, keep going never give up.

2. Find someone who will never stop choosing you and love you. Whether your friend, family, or partner. Take time to share with them and pay more attention to them. They are your real assets.

3. The greatest strength is not telling strangers the weakness.  Stay strong, be positive, sometimes, we need to struggle for the opposite.

4. Your age does not define your maturity.  Your grades do not define your intelligence, and the rumors do not define who you are.  Sometimes we need to ignore those idiot things.

5. No matter how smart you are! No matter how stupid you are!  Life is one’s endurance race.  Your life will not improve by chance.  It will get better by change.  Sometimes change can create opportunities.

6. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.  You are starting to implement your target.  You can learn something in the real life.

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