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Sign language internationalization


Deaf-mute people can also easily communicate internationally.

Can sign language become international?

Due to Covid-19, graduates of a school in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture,

were unable to sing graduation songs loudly at the graduation ceremony.

The students spent a month and a half learning to sing the graduation song in sign language.

The teachers and students at the school are outstanding.

the above information from NHK news

I like music and I also learn musical instruments.

I like Chinese music, western music, Japanese and Korean music etc.

Music is an international language.

If people can understand the musical notation and practice.

People can play music, which is the benefit of internationalization.

If sign language can be internationalized,

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traveling around the world will be more convenient in the future.

If there is a dream, there is hope.

Today is good, tomorrow will be better.

Date:04 March 2021

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