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Salary adjustment

My friends asked me the same question.

“What’s your salary for a month?”

I think that most of the employees feel unsatisfied in their salaries.

On the contrary,

Most of the employers do not want to spend more money in salaries. 

My colleagues always say they do more work, but they do not get a better salary.

We will do more work if we can get more money in our salaries.

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Do not ask the question like that

On the Earth, hens exist first? or eggs exist first?

No one can give you a prefect answer.


I only know that work hard in the workplace, it does not mean you can get more.  But if you do not work hard you will be fired.


Your boss will tell you that you have a responsibility to do better.


Even in the same job, the amount of salary depends on the individual’s ability, seniority, and workload.


The demand for manpower in the market also affects wage adjustment.

Do you think it is fair if you use the same equivalents to adjust an employee’s salary in the same area of work?

Someone may finish the work quickly; someone may finish the work slowly. Both get the job done perfectly and in a timely manner.


If you were the boss, what kind of salary adjustment method would you use?


If you were an employee, would you work hard first?

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