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Physical Training in the hillside


Hiking, start at Fung Kat Heung of Yuen Long, finished at Tsiu Keng of

Sheung Shui.

大帽山郊野公園 Tai Mo Shan Country Park Hiking tour

About 8—9km, taken 6 hours.

Hiking is cheap and better way to keep our body health, taking

physical training by walking in the hillside

Let our spirits relax by outdoor activities.

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山貝河riverside scenery of Shan Pui River

It was raining that day, and the vision on the hillside was blurred.

It was tiring to go up and down the hill continuously.

迪欣湖活動中心Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre

We never want to give up because we don’t want to give up easily.

Everyone knows it’s easy to give up, but even harder to get back on our feet.

青衣自然徑Tsing Yi Nature trails,  Butterfly in Spring

We assessed our physical abilities and weather changes and decided to move on.

Every time we reached a certain distance, we stopped to take pictures on the hillside.

The purpose is not only to take pictures, but also to rest.

Another driving force that drives us forward was that there were people ahead, and there were people behind too.

Where there are people, there is motivation.

I choose to crawl on the slop of the hillside because the ground was slippery.  

Gloves was much more convenient for me than canes.

I don’t care what method I use; the most important thing is to reach the destination safely by my own ability.

My friend’s encouragement was important, and I appreciated it very much.

Challenge !!!! we did it.  Hiking is a very good way to training up our body.

Date 02 February 2022

Transportation: bus 77K, 76k ; mini bus 603

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