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How important of the organizational chart in a company.

The company organizational chart includes the positions and names of employees in each department.

What does your company’s organization chart look like?

organizational chart update immediately when personnel changed.

Let us know more about the company.

Your role in the company.

what responsibilities you need to take in the company.

Refer to the organization chart to find who can help you or cooperate with you to complete the task.

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Some employees are not familiar with the company’s personnel structure and scope of work.

Not knowing the company’s personnel structure is a common problem for new employees.

If even the old employees do not know the company structure, what is the problem?

most company provide orientation training to the new employees.

How much do we need to know about the company?

Do you know the details of your company?

Who is your department head?

Do you know where is the headquarter of your oversea international company?

How many people in your department?

What title of your colleagues who worked with you?

How many products do you know in your company?

If you are a salesperson, can you introduce the company’s products clearly and in detail?

If you are an employee of the human resources department, do you know the employment conditions of the employees and the company’s benefits, etc.

How familiar are you with the company and how passionate are you with your work?

Date 28 June 2020 employee x team

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