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Who Can make microscopes like glasses? Cry for the moon?

發表日期:2020 Apr 18

Most countries in the world are facing

how to deal with new coronaviruses.

The medical profession is also busy looking for effective drugs

and methods to deal with new coronaviruses.

The greatest enemy of humans is not humans,

but viruses that are invisible to naked eyes.

Most countries just focused on how to develop weapons

to deal with dissidents, and they were unknowingly

killed by the inconspicuous enemy (Covid-19).

Humans are the most intelligent creatures and

we should know how to protect ourselves.

After the epidemic of the new coronavirus is resolved,

can researchers, scientists and other professionals use their wisdom

and capabilities to develop microscopes into a part of life.

wearing them like glasses and use them

as easily as computers and mobile phones.

 Selling them for the public market

with the low price like the mobile phone.

Everyone can cope with the price. It is easy to identify the virus.


This is more practical than developing large weapons.

Don’t Cry  For The Moon?!

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