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Learning piano or Travelling around the world.

I must go to work.  I need earn a living by myself.

If I want to be a piano teacher, I need to use a lot of money

and spend more time to practice piano. 

When I spend a lot of money and time,

I do not know I can be a piano teacher or not. 

Even though I have confidence to do in this way. 

 I select work hard to earn money and use the holiday to travel around the world. 

I do not want to stay in a place alone. 

I want to meet different kind of people.  I want to find something different. 

Change my mind, improve my life. 

I had studied commercial course,

I remembered one of the commercial jargons “opportunity cost”.

Sign language internationalization,手語國際化

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Both activities need to spend much money to carry on.

When I select learning piano and

I need to give up travelling around the world at the same time.

I do not know this example right or wrong.

I only know that,

Life is not economics. Life if art.  Art is diversification.

I play piano at leisure time.  Please do not ask my grade of piano examination.

Learning piano and travelling around the world like children playing a swing in the playgrounds.

This side is heavy that means the other side is light. 

Such like me, I use more time to work and go travelling. 

I use less time to practice piano. if i want to concentrate into piano,

will make this side heavy. 

Learning, working, playing and keep going on our life is beautiful. 

Date:08 March 2021

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