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Cheap and elegant hostel

Kyoto – Utano Youth Hostel (京都宇多田青年旅社)

 sunrise and sunset are beautiful

The first time I went to Kyoto with my family, I really wanted to stay in Kyoto Utano Youth Hostel. This is the season to admire the maple leaves. I tried to book a room one month in advance, but I was disappointed that there was no room available.

Neat and elegant resting place

In the second year, my friends and I went to Kyoto. I booked Kyoto Utano Youth Hostel. I was happy to stay 3 days in this hostel.

On the first night, the slight snow come.  I was so exciting.

Buffet breakfast here

On this cold night, my friend went outdoors to smoke, and she was lucky to find a smoking friend.

Luckily, they have the same hobbies

Beautiful and silent night

Excellent design

Suitable for parties

Full of light and good view

Good connection

Sit here for tea and feel better

Buffet breakfast, delicious

Good for health

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Self-service kitchen, I like to cook here with my friends

Clean and tidy kitchen

Provide kitchenware

Feel the breath of nature

Busy breakfast time

Room with balcony

Enough space in the room

Can make friends here

Lift, good facilities


Enjoy the view while eating

Enjoy reading here

The hostel is located on the hill

Quiet all around

Activities can be carried out in the square

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