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how to use the anchor link

發表日期:2020 Mar 24

If you have a long page or post on your wordpress blog, consider using an anchor link.  An anchor link enables you to create a hyperlink to a part of the same page so that visitors can quickly jump to the section they want to read.

An anchor link helps visitors more up and down a lengthier article without reloading the page.

Use HTML editor to create the hyperlink as below

< a href=”#”>< /a>

< a id=””>< /a>

The easy way for you to remember how to use the anchor link

Let us use the example

Peter,Paul and Mary go to fishing.  They are in the same place but different position.  They place the distance of the anchor links are different. Finally, Peter caught the big fish.  Paul caught the octopus, and Mary caught the lobster.

Their situation instead into the anchor link code

< a href=”#big fish”>Peter< /a>

< a id=”big fish”>< /a>Peter

< a href=”#octopus”>Paul< /a>

 < a id=”octopus”>< /a>Paul

< a href=”#lobster”>Mary< /a>

< a id=”lobster”>< /a>Mary

The other example

Peter, Paul and Mary go to hiking.  They start at the different position of the hill side.  They will gather at the top of the hill.

Their situations instead into the anchor link code.

< a href=”#top of the hill”>Peter< /a>

< a href=”#top of the hill”>Paul< /a>

< a href=”#top of the hill”>Mary< /a>

< a id=”top of the hill”>< /a>top of the hill

If you use anchor hyperlinks frequently, you can install the plugin directly. This will be more efficient. Please refer to the picture demonstration.

If you want to jump from one page to another, you can add the URL to the anchor hyperlink, as shown in the following example.

 <a href = ”https://eijo1314enjoytravel.com/japan-rental-car/”> Central Japan Self-driving Tour </a>

If you want to specify the part of the webpage more clearly, you can use # to specify the location to go to, as shown in the following example.

 <a href = ”https://eijo1314enjoytravel.com/japan-rental-car/#day 10 ″> Central Japan Self-driving Tour </a>

<a id = ”day 10 ″> </a> day 10

To directly add anchor hyperlinks with plug-ins, please refer to the picture demonstration.

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