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Drink tea with my friend at Yung Shue Wan

#Verboland ,#香草原

Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Yung Shue Wan,

Lamma Island

Many people pay attention to teapots and tea leaves when they drink tea,

but I concern to my own feelings.

I like to use a transparent teapot when drinking tea outdoors,

which makes me feel refreshed and relaxed.

When drinking tea indoors, I like to use porcelain teapot,

which makes me feel elegant and safe.

 Drinking tea is for relaxation. This is part of my life.

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I remember when my Japanese friend came to Hong Kong,

I took him to an island, Yung Shue Wan for tea.

Green tea leaves and green plants are refreshing.

We enjoy a green life.

The shopkeeper lighted up the dry branches to remove mosquitoes.

The natural smell of firewood reminds me of my childhood rural life.

Date:16 March 2021

Verboland 香草原

by ferry

from Hong Kong Central pier no.4

to Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island

From Yung Shue Wan Pier to Verboland香草原 by walking,

Heading to Hung Shing Yeh Beach

Verboland香草原  is near the Hung Shing Yeh Beach public toilet.


Tel: 9094 6206

Open time:

Saturday and  Sunday,11 .00 a.m to 17.00p.m.

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