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Follow the times to change…“Suggestion Box”

When social media was not widespread in the past, some companies used “Suggestion Box” to collect customers’ or employees’ opinions.

Some companies that provide meals will put the “Suggestion Box” in a prominent place.

Some suggestion forms were placed next to the “Suggestion Box”, and various opinion options were printed on the suggestion forms.


After reading carefully and add a √ in the selection boxes, you can put it in the “Suggestion Box”.

If you want to express your personal opinions, you can choose “Other” and express your opinion here.

In general, “Suggestion Box” appear on the bulletin board or at the entrance of the cafeteria.

It is convenient for employees or customers to submit comments.


 Nowadays some companies will provide QR codes for employees or customers to submit their opinions.

Just scan the QR code to reflect your personal opinions.



The company values ​​the opinions of employees and customers.

Employees and customers are welcome to submit comments.

Emphasize that it will be handled by senior staff. Everything is kept secret.


Do you believe everything is kept secret?


Sometimes, emphasize that a boss or senior staff will follow up, do you believe it?


Sometimes it is a complaint about company products or work attitude of colleagues.

Do you believe that the person handling the complaint will be fair?

The moment you scan the QR code with your phone, there is no longer any secrecy.

Even if you do not use your mobile phone to send comments.

If you want someone to follow up your opinion.


How can colleagues who are involved in the process do not know!


Think before you leap.

Date 29 June 2020 employee x team

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