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Fighting against with the Coronavirus 2019(difficult times) and Moving forward

I would rather be like flies bumping around in search of food than waiting for the lucky hand to help me.  Only in this way, you can experience the ups and downs of life and find the life you really want. 

Just like in love, in the process of searching, after meeting the wrong persons, you understand how to distinguish the right one suitable for yourself.  If you afraid to take the first step.  You will never see a better situation ahead.

In the workplace, you can continue to set off after being well equipped. You will be more confident and positive about the way forward. Tomorrow is created by yourself, to eliminate fear, to find beautiful grassland.

I always talk to myself that “don’t stop working and moving forward, otherwise I will death from hungry.” I hope to let myself to see the beautiful future.

Let us keep moving forward……

Date:17 Feb 2021

Hobart Tasmania Australia. friends in YHA

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