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Excuses and problem-solving

We all have an opportunity to do wrong things often.

Interestingly, people who do wrong things always like to make excuses. 

No matter what class of people they are.

So long as they are humankind.

You will have the opportunity to contract this infectious disease that you find excuses.

People who do wrong things always like to find excuses to cover up their mistakes.

They think everyone is a fool and cannot tell right from wrong.


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Sometimes, it is difficult to tell right from wrong.

In the workplace

Some people would rather take the time to find excuses than take the time to find answers.

Maybe most people think that people who do wrong things must be weak.  Therefore, before finding the answer, you must admit that you are weak.

Is the person who does the wrong thing the weak?

If we do something wrong, we are the weak.

In this way, the strong will not do the wrong thing.

Does the boss not make the wrong decision?

Some people always believe that they are the strong, and they will show the style of the strong whenever they are.

Workplace is not a place to talk about right and wrong.

It is a place where interests are emphasized.

“Customers are always right”, is it true that customers are error-free?

The key is whether the company’s interests are lost due to right and wrong.

Wise people do wrong things without having to make excuses themselves.

Instead, let others automatically make excuses for them.

We are busy making a living, and do not spend time looking for excuses when we do something wrong.

Modestly seek the help of a colleague or leader and find out the remedies.  In this way, always find someone who can help us.

So long as we take the first step bravely.  We will find someone who really wants to help us.

Making mistakes at work can make others aware.

If you do not solve the problem, it will be difficult to be forgiven.

 Date 25 May 2020  employee x team

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