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Employee performance review

When we post something on social media, of course, we want positive responses from others, and we do not want to get negative messages, even if we do not get compliments.

Even if compliments are the kindness of others, it does not matter.

But, in the workplace, if compliments are caused by….

Are the customer’s compliments credible?

Are the customer’s complaints credible?

Compliments or complaints should be handled with caution.

How do you handle the following situations?

Our friend Mary works in a company which have some retail stores selling cooked food.

Customers with complaints or compliments will use the company’s email address to express their opinions.

One day, Mary’s colleagues were complimented on the company’s Facebook page.

Of course, both the boss and senior management are happy.  The employees who were complimented are happier.

What if both the boss and senior management knew the truth.  what will happen?

The customer emphasizes to compliment the employees of the morning shift.

Mary knows that the colleagues on the morning shift always quarrel with the customers. They were lucky not to have any complaints from customers.

Mary was a little curious when she read the announcement on her company’s Facebook page.

After a while of observation finally found the answer.

When a colleague has a day off, Mary will replace to help in the morning, therefore she can find the answer easily.

A colleague who was complimented is especially nice to the customer A.

Customer A is a repeated customer. He always come to the shop to buy his breakfast.

When customer A order the dumplings, the colleague will give more dumplings which is more than customer A’s order, but no extra charge.

Sometimes, Mary was asked to follow instructions…

If you were Mary, what would you do?

The key point: the complimented colleagues’ friend is a manager in the same department.

Some things are difficult to tell in our life, especially in a workplace.

If the company use the customers’ compliments to rate their employees, is it too dangerous?!

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