Do as well as we can in a company

If we want to stay in a company happily, we should be self-discipline, and get along well with colleagues.  

Sometimes , we need to take a break to enjoy a beautiful moment …..

Be polite to people

Whether the other party is our boss or subordinate, we should treat others politely. Do not forget to greet our colleagues when we go to work.  And handle our work well before we leave.

Listen to others

Working in the same workplace, we must learn to listen to colleagues‘ opinions, and then respond to give a sense of respect.  Colleagues are interested in sharing things with polite one to build trust.


It is impossible to ask our colleagues to trust us 100%. At the very least, they will not resist cooperating with us. Working in an atmosphere of harmony will motivate people do more with less.


No one likes working with passive people.  Do not be an insignificant person. We need to work proactively, otherwise it will be difficult to be recognized in the workplace. Our colleagues want others to complete their work on their own initiative without causing trouble.

Continue to study

In addition to learning work-related courses, we can read more different types of books, increase our knowledge, broaden our horizons, and meet friends from different classes.


Do more constructive things and talk less

Colleagues only like to cooperate with people who do practical work. During the work, in addition to work-related content.  Do not talking nonsense.

Do not let yourself to be an incompetent teammate.

Colleagues do not want to be teammates with an incompetent one who cannot help, and they may become a burden for others.


Carefully listen to the instructions of superior or team leader. Read and observe the details of each job carefully. Learn with humility, cooperate with each other, and play a team spirit.

 Do not give up easily

In the journey of life, no matter where we are in any position, we will encounter setbacks. This is an opportunity for us to exercise. Find our weaknesses from failures, and prompt us to strengthen our strength and move forward.

Do not disclose confidential company documents

Even personal salary, colleagues’ privacy, company products or internal operations of the company, etc., should not be disclosed to third parties, so as not to incur losses to the company.

Between colleagues, do not be enemies even if we cannot be friends

Pay attention to our words when dealing with colleagues. We should not say bad words about our colleagues behind their back. So that colleagues can easily work with us.

Concentrate on work, do not talk much

Concentration on your work, do not meddling in someone’s personal life.  Too much talk can easily offend our colleagues.

Do not compare with colleagues

Everyone’s capabilities are different, and what we are good at is also different. Everything has a process. Let the boss know that our ability to work can help the company develop, this is the most important thing. Only good performance will be considered for promotion or salary increase.

Date:20 May 2020 employee x team