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collect the problems and difficulties from the employees.

I remember when I was working in a medium-sized manufacturing company. Company management paid attention to the problems and difficulties of employees.

The manufacturing department appointed a supervisor and the human resources department also appointed a supervisor. These two supervisors were responsible for handling consulting matters.

They prepared a lot of questions to ask the manufactured workers.


list of questions

  • The problems they encountered at work.
  • The problem of cooperation between colleagues at work.
  • Have family problems that needs to be solved?  etc..

At the time I was just a bystander.

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If I were them……



or holding something back?

Now I work in the other medium-sized company as a sales job.


I remember that day.

A supervisor in my department asked me the problems about the cooperation between colleagues at work, and the problems I encountered at work.


Past work experience reminded me that I need to keep silent.


Speaking something honestly to someone does not solve the problem but may cause another problem.


I cannot tell right from wrong.

I just want to do my job as well as I can.


Date: 23 March 2021


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